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560 Suite 100 Davidson Gateway

Davidson, NC 28036

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Phone 704.895.8008 704.895.0012

About Halo Salon

Halo Salon Artists

Bruce Reed - Owner/Operator

Suzette Pope

Teresa Stamper

Christine Williams
Denise Francis

Wendy Locacius

Karen Walker

Amber Harris - Receptionist/Salon Coordinator 

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Hours of Operation
Tuesday to Thursday 9:00 to 7:00 - Friday 9:00 to 5:00 - Saturday 9:00 to 2:00
Five Key Reasons to become a Lifetime Client by Bruce Reed, Owner/Artist
Focused on You
When you come to Halo Salon, you are the center of attention.  Your needs and wants become the starting point of your dialogue with your Artist, who is an expert at diagnosing your expectations.  Together, you can design and stage your styling or beauty treatment.  You might prefer a tried-and-tested approach or your might choose to craft a new look.  You might even want to be pleasantly surprised by your Artists' innovative suggestions.  Your Artist has the knowledge, creativity and flexibility to help you achieve the desired effect. 
World-Class Service
The essence of our World-Class service is our responsiveness to your beauty needs. Our team of Artists understands that getting courteous and reliable service is only part of the story.  Our purpose to establish a long-term relationship with you.  Your trust is the core of our creative partnership and our effective results will help you shine in every way.  When you succeed thanks to your powerful, confident and beautiful image, we succeed as well.  
Artist Education and Skills
The Artists at Halo Salon have a vast experience as former owners, managers and beauty specialists.  They are seasoned professionals. Their broad range of skills allows us to provide you with a cross-disciplinary variety of services.  The entire Halo team can help you in a friendly, consistent and creative manner. Every Artist attends new courses every year and updates his or her skills through conferences and workshops.  Besides the personalized relationship with our clients, our Artists work additional hours for photo shoots, fashion shows and special events.  These high pressure experiences help sharpen their capabilities while enhancing their services to you.
We are in one of the most desirable locations in the Lake Norman area.  The quaint architecture of Davidson Gateway reminds you of "Main Street USA" and the interior of Halo Salon transports you to a sedate, relaxing atmosphere where you can break away and concentrate on yourself.  We have put a lot of thought and many years of experience into choosing a decor that would appeal to men and women alike.  Our goal is to be a Mediterranean-style oasis in which understated elegance inspires you to express your beauty and personality at its fullest.
The beauty industry currently shows a tendency towards high traffic/high turnover practices. Conversely, we are boutique, specialized salon that attracts a well-informed and selective clientele.  At Halo Salon, we craft a memorable experience and share our "beauty wisdom" with you.  Our knowledge and skills are not enough. Delivering "just the service" is not enough either.  We aim to earn your trust and your friendship by exceeding your expectations.  Our "standard of excellence" are the many long-standing relationships with clients like you.