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To Halo Salon (Bruce),

I am a busy woman like any other woman in today’s society; however, I just wanted to take a precious moment from my life and talk about what is so important to me. I truly hope this resonates with whoever is reading this because that will mean I did not say something that no one else feels. Bruce Reed is my hero. Why? Here is where I will talk about the person; who, by the way, is the salon. People often say that “the owner sets the tone”. Bruce sets the tone in every aspect of his life because he truly cares. It is not a business to him; it is a way of life, and he treats every single client in that fashion. Get it? Fashion? Bruce and every single one of his employees absolutely exude his spirit and energy. When I walk in I get a feeling of joy and excitement because I know I am in THE BEST creative hands in the country! I say that without any hesitation at all.

I travel all over the southeast for my job, and I constantly get asked at airports, restaurants, hotels, etc. where I get my hair done. I always say, “Halo by Bruce” and they want to know where that is. Can you imagine? I even had a person ask if they could take a picture of my hair in a restaurant in Atlanta so that they could get their stylist to emulate it. I doubt very seriously if they could, but it might have given that stylist the right mojo they needed. I know that Bruce is the BEST hair artist in the country and that we are lucky to have him for this time. He is a good soul, he is always a point of bright light and good energy, and he is the absolute best at knowing what looks good on is clients.

I now have to tell my story of where the aforementioned thoughts are coming from. I was recently in a terrible car accident. I was riding with my sales rep and had a head on collision on I-85. My head went through the passenger side window several times and I had to be cut out with the Jaws of Life… not good, huh? Anyway, I had a hair appointment with Bruce the following morning at 9:00. I had my husband drive me to the appointment because I was not going to miss one of my “lights of my life” encounters for anything less than …well, let’s just say I was NOT going to miss my hair appointment OR, most importantly, my one hour with the best person who makes me feel like I am his only client…and friend.

O.K. There you have it. I am Bruce’s biggest fan because why? I will tell you…because that man cares about every single person who sits in his chair. I consider myself very lucky to have found him and to be able to sit in Bruce’s chair. He is soooooo talented, but the best part is that he does not look at it as a job; Bruce looks at his clients as his family. Now I don’t know about you, but you cannot find that kind of talent and heart anywhere in this world. He is a gem and just wanted to share him with whoever might read this. God puts special people in our lives, and I consider myself pretty darn special to have this special man/artist/friend in my life. His better half is pretty special too. That would be Ted.

Love you guys!!!!!

Angela Lee